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WARNING! A Huge Podcast :: Stage 006

WARNING! A Huge Podcast is Approaching Fast!

A podcast covering the world of Japanese gaming, brought to you by ex-GameFan and ex-Play stars shidoshi, Casey Loe, and Nick Rox.

//Stage 006
//Main Topic: Online Import Shops

//Now Playing: Deathsmiles IIX, Xenoblade, Lost Planet 2

//Subtopics: E3, Nintendo 3DS, Ni no Kuni for PS3, Chiyomaru Shikura disses the PS3 as a gaming device, Final Fantasy VII HD would take 40 years, Marvelous nixes new IP, Masaya Matsuura says War Is Not The Answer, Final Fantasy XIII new for 500 yen, Just Cause 2 heavily censored in Japan, Fire Emblem without permanent death, your Loveplus+ girlfriend wants you to live, Twitter Watch, upcoming releases, we talk about making the podcast shorter, and we beg you to follow us on Twitter.

//Twitter: shidoshi (@pikoeri), Nick Rox (@NickRoxNRX)

3DSdeathsmiles iixE3import gaminglost planet 2xenoblade

mollipen • June 27, 2010

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  • I’m really anxious to get Xenoblade after hearing Casey talk about it. I also picked up Deadly Premonition after the last cast, so as has been the case for many years you are helping find games I otherwise would have missed.

    I’d love it if you guys went weekly with the current length — or even down to 90 minutes if that helps, though I did not mind the long format.

    Being weekly does allow your news items and mutterings to remain fresh.

  • Aaeru

    Just finished the episode. I found it really insightful especially SOS button for Love Plus+ in particular as well as why games in Japan sell for 80cents. Would also love to have a weekly episode if possible. Much thanks.

  • Joe Fongul

    Thanks for the advise regarding Tenso. I just jumped in head first and made my first order from (used copy of Thunder Force VI for 780 yen).

    I do not mind the long format as I listen at work, but shorter weekly episodes would work too! Keep up the great work ;D

  • eastofeastside

    Greatly enjoyed all of these podcasts. Length is part of their charm, don’t shorten them too much. Some east vs west discussion might be interesting in terms of analyzing why there is such a market divide today. It would be cool to see a forum added to this site for dedicated japanese culture and gaming discussion. Thanks.

  • adachi

    Keep on truckin’ gentleman

  • Almost a month Shidoshi…

    If you have not yet recorded can Nick give some insight as to what is going on with Ignition?

  • A fan

    Has this been cancelled? This was one of my main sources for information. 🙁

  • Aaeru

    Been a while since an episode has come out, starting to crave it. Hopefully the guys can find a bit of free time to knock together something, even if its a short episode. Would really appreciate it.

    Is Last Ranker any good? It got a good score on Famitsu, Yoko Shimomura as composer and done by the Arc Rise Fantasia team (+ Capcom). I am expecting good things.

  • I’m listening to these for the first time and enjoying them! One thing from this episode I found highly amusing is that you used Dragon Age as an example of a game that showed how western developers could be faster than japan:

    Dragon Age was first announced in e3 2004 and came out in late 2009. Quotes from 2007 indicate it was started sometime in 2002. So, Dragon Age took at least 7 years to develop. Western studios can take a long time just as easily as japanese studios 🙂