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WARNING! A Huge Podcast :: Stage 007

WARNING! A Huge Podcast is Approaching Fast!

A podcast covering the world of Japanese gaming, brought to you by ex-GameFan and ex-Play stars shidoshi, Casey Loe, and Nick Rox.

//Stage 007

//Now Playing: Last Ranker, Atelier Totori

//Subtopics: Capcom don’t waste no money, NIS and Image Epoch want you to punish girls, US retailers shy away from them “anime games”, Japanese Fallout 3 ad pokes fun at JRPGs, NIS cancels games, death watch: Flight Plan + Gaia + Dimple, Monolith campaigns against negative campaigns, Twitter Watch, Japanese sales, upcoming releases, and no, we aren’t dead. Honest.

//Twitter: shidoshi (@pikoeri), Nick Rox (@NickRoxNRX)

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mollipen • August 11, 2010

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  • Eelcire

    Steins;Gate is coming to PC through Nitro+, so there’s a chance it’ll get localized through JASTUSA.

    Looking forward to the anime adaptation, but I still want to play the game. Anything that can be done to ensure the game gets localized (either the Xbox 360 or the PC version)?

  • Eelcire

    Also wanted to comment on Neptune. Game premise sounds interesting, may end up being more average stuff like suggested in the podcast; but what is the point in representing all the systems, then only releasing on one?

    This could have been a great multi-platform title (DS and PSP version would be made differently than console versions).

  • Aaeru

    Awesome. You guys are back. Thanks for the episode. Love the intelligent commentary.

  • Another great podcast. Now that I know nothing but good prospects delayed the cast I am happy. You guys deserve the best.

    I really enojy the podcast and learn so much every time I listen.

    Perhaps I can suggest a regular feature where you instruct the audience on some part of Japanese culture that is unknown to most gaijin?

  • Oh my god… how have I not known about this podcast from ex-GameFan/Play STAR WRITERS?!?! Srsly, I loved those two publications; I’ll be following this from now on!!

    Also: Nick Rox? As in Nick de Barres of Gamefan pseudonym Nick Rox?! Big fan of him, Casey Loe and yourself, Shidoshi! ^_^

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