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WARNING! A Huge Podcast :: Stage 027

WARNING! A Huge Podcast is Approaching Fast!

A podcast covering the world of Japanese gaming, brought to you by ex-GameFan and ex-Play stars shidoshi (1P), Casey Loe (2P), and Nick Rox (3P).

//Stage 027 [Season 3]

//Now Playing: Dopacchin, G-Bike, Tales of Asteria, Guilty Gear Xrd Sign

//Subtopics: We talk about all of the crazy announcements we missed, the latest batch of announcements that we didn’t miss, Japanese creators hinting at what’s coming in the future, shidoshi’s Otome Corner (including a fun little game), and more!

//Otome Game Choices
//01: Pay for my Call with a Kiss
//02: True Love Sweet Lies
//03: Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale
//04: Royal Midnight Kiss
//05: Mistress Contract
//06: Finally, In Love Again
//07: Office Lovers
//08: First Love Diaries: A Kiss on the Beach
//09: Love! Sushi Rangers
//10: Gyakuten Yoshiwara
//11: The Cinderella Contract
//12: Shall We Date?: Never Look Back

//00:01:16 – Intro
//00:40:44 – Releace a New!!
//01:32:51 – Hot Infos
//03:18:27 – Untitled End Segment

//Special Note
//The circumstances under which we recorded meant we couldn’t be at optimal audio recording quality. We figured our listeners would be okay with that if it meant they’d be getting a show. (^o^)

//Official site: Returning soon?
//Radio site:
//Twitter: show (@WAHPcast), shidoshi (@pikoeri), Nick Rox (@NickRoxNRX), Casey Loe (@snowjew)
//Facebook: warning a huge podcast

DopacchinG-BikeGuilty Gear Xrd SignTales of Asteria

mollipen • December 25, 2014

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  • Protodude

    Woah, a new episode after all this time?! Best Christmas ever.

  • cddb

    yes!!!!!!!!!! finally my favorite furry-related podcast returns.

  • Holy shit you guys are back?! I hope you find the time to do at least one podcast every two years (give or take) from now on. Love hearing from the ol’ Gamefan crew.

  • Some Stupid Japanese Name

    Santa’s REAL!

  • “What a great Christmas surprise!” – Jeremy Neiman, 2012

  • Bowl of Lentils

    Wow, this was a really great Christmas surprise! I know this sounds weird but I listened to you guys for most of my time in college. Thanks for making me wise to so many great games and continuing to do this show! Can’t wait for the next episode!

  • What game from Level-5 could be bigger than Yokai Watch at this point (multi-million seller)? My guess is they are working on Dragon Quest XI for PS4. What do you guys think?

  • Link6616

    The third game of the pact was criminal girls since you wanted to know

  • @Link6616 – That was one of the games that we mentioned. There was Criminal Girls, Love Plus, and then the third game from there is the one we can’t remember.

  • CBM

    Wow, 2 years on the button. Merry Christmas indeed! Thank you for your commitment, truly.

    Really, there is no other Japanese themed podcast of any value out there. It’s not just the games but the cultural relevance and insight. It might have to do with the fact that I’m from the same generation. Little example; I was listening to some other non-morningradio cast in the WAHP downtime (big mistake) and one of the hosts mentioned how Nisekoi was his favourite animeof all time.

    Nisekoi… favourite of ALL TIME. WHAT!?

    The hosts were in their 20’s and it was then I realized I could never relate to people that didn’t grow up in my generation. They would never understand the joy of watching a 3rd generation bootleg copy of both Vampire Hunter D and Ninja Scroll on a single VHS in SLP mode. They’re the same kids who would look at Shidoshi and say “EG what?” I am SO glad there’s a cast that is actually relevant to my generation. When Shidoshi was rattling off names like Polygon and Kotaku and my own disgusted groan was echoed back to me by Nick a split-second later, it was a very comforting feeling.

    Don’t ever stop this cast; it’s too important.

  • dungeonman

    …It’s a Christmas miracle! Can’t wait to listen

  • Chupon

    Been waiting two years for this! I remember listening to stage 26 on Christmas Day, 2012!

    Thank you boys! Keep it up! Because of you all I’ve imported a J360 for shooters, purchased five fight sticks for various systems. Bought a 6 slot big red Neo MVS cab. And the list goes on!

  • cddb

    please tell us this means you’ll be doing semi-regular episodes again………………………………….. T_T

  • Thomas W

    Going back over this stage…have to agree with Shidoshi about Ken NOT being in SFV; just let him and Eliza raise their kid and maybe bring him back for his final match with Ryu in like SFVII when they are both aged grand masters…