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WARNING! A Huge Podcast :: Stage 000

WARNING! A Huge Podcast is Approaching Fast! A podcast covering the world of Japanese gaming, brought to you by ex-GameFan and ex-Play stars Nick Rox, Casey Loe, and shidoshi. //Stage 000: Special Edition //Main Topic: Prologue + GameFan Magazine //Feedback: //Site:

morning radio 008 :: Let’s slumber party!

EP 008 :: Our eighth episode is a special “girl’s only” episode of morning radio, where our resident girls Codi and Cori talk about whatever it is that girls talk about together. Ponies, boys, make-up, things like that. Okay, actually, it’s a look at fandom from a girl’s perspective. No ponies. But there should have…

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morning radio 007 :: Let’s remake movies!

EP 007 :: For lucky number seven, we talk about Asian movies being remade by Hollywood, what’s the deal with wota/mota, and we give some recommendations on must-listen-to music. Runtime: 1:21:20 Hosts this week: Eric L. Patterson (shidoshi), Don Currie (Procyin), Adam Dunlap (Dunlap), Codi Durbin (codichan), Ken Cunnard (BEAT) Questions, comments, feedback, or anything…

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morning radio 006 :: Let’s Otakon 2006!

EP 006 :: It’s Otakon 2006! We give our thoughts and impressions on how the show went down. Runtime: 1:20:37 Hosts this week: Eric L. Patterson (shidoshi), Dave Garcia (Changoboy), Adam Dunlap (Dunlap), Codi Durbin (codichan), Cori Durbin (corichan) Questions, comments, feedback, or anything else? Contact us at

morning radio 005 :: Let’s Hikki!

EP 005 :: For our fifth episode, we talk about the pink DS Lite, Utada Hikaru’s recent album ULTRA BLUE, Kitagawa Keiko, morning scene news, your usual Oricon Top 10 list (slightly remixed), and who knows what else! Outro music: Poplar – Asuka Matsuri Runtime: 1:24:08 Hosts this week: Eric L. Patterson (shidoshi), Don Currie…

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morning radio 003 :: Let’s Gothic Lolita!

EP 003 :: For our third episode, we use the excusing of not having most of our staff around to go in-depth into the fashion called Gothic Lolita, as well as this week’s Oricon Top 10. Outro music: The ROCOS – Kurai yoruni (Link) Runtime: 1:29:46 Hosts this week: Eric L. Patterson (shidoshi), Codi Durbin…

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morning radio 002 :: Let’s SweetS!

EP 002 :: For our second episode, we reflect on our first epiosde, talk about the end of SweetS, the NintendoDS Lite, Yaguchi scandal, naughty GoMaki, Iguana Musume, and this week’s Oricon Top 10. Outro music: SweetS medoly Runtime: 1:39:48 Hosts this week: Eric L. Patterson (shidoshi), Dave Garcia (ChangoBoy), Codi Durbin (codichan), Adam Dunlap…

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morning radio 001 :: Let’s Starting!

EP01 :: For our first episode, Dave talks about meeting Kumiko Kato, Morning Musume loses two more members, Codi goes to Anime Boston, J-drama report, this week’s Oricon Top 10, morning scene update, and we wonder why girls love boys who love boys. Outro music: Flower Companyz – Shinyakousoku – (Link) Runtime: 58:13 Hosts this…

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