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Miranda’s Sweets Shop 006 :: Idols

Miranda’s Sweets Shop

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//Episode 006
//Topic: Idols

//Radio site:
//Twitter: shidoshi (@pikoeri)

//Ask / comment anonymously via Tumblr!

//Opening / Ending Theme
//One Call, Love Call – Megurine Luka (Producer: HanP)


mollipen • February 25, 2013

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  • gogogoldberg

    I wasn’t sure if this episode (maybe call them ‘specials’ like a dessert special in a restaurant?) would be about role model idols or entertainment idols. It turns out, you covered a little of both. People often put their role models on pedestals the same way some people do with these singing idols. It is just as silly in that instance. Everyone is fallible and it is unnecessary to justify every error a person makes.

    I had a question concerning the people whose voices were used to create the vocaloids. What sort of royalties, if any, do they receive for Miku/Rin/Lin/Luka merchandise? I imagine they would not make money off of fan-made songs, but do they get a cut from something like that Miku concert?

    Thanks as always for the insightful podcast, shidoshi! I look forward to hearing what the big surprise is.