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A Generic Video Game Podcast About 20 Years of PlayStation

A Generic Video Game Podcast About 20 Years of PlayStation

A perhaps-ly named conversation about video games between Anthony Ernst and shidoshi.

//Episode 004
//Show Note: In addition to talking about 20 years of PlayStation, we chat about broken multiplayer in recent releases, satisfaction in the Xbox One versus PlayStation 4, launch lineups, Portland Juggalos vs. Portland hipsters, shidoshi’s review slate, Bayonetta 2 follow-up, Guilty Gear Xrd Sign, and more.

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//Twitter: Anthony (@24bitAJE), shidoshi (@pikoeri)

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mollipen • December 1, 2014

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  • CBM

    Hot damn this was a good one.

    I always felt that Sony won it’s first foray because it WASN’T a game developer.

    Think of it; if you’re a 3rd party developer you know that on Sega or Sony you have to make games that compete with the companies that produced the actual hardware. If I was a 3rd party I’d much rather go into an open playing field on the PS than (for example) have to match wits with Nintendo on the 64 when making my 3D platformer.

    The first PS represented a 3rd party free-for-all, may the best man win. Any company had the chance to become the big dog in the yard without having to go to to toe with a company that had been developing games for the new hardware years before anyone else even had their dev kits. Sony NOT having a flagship series/title/mascot was the best thing they ever did.

  • CBM

    Oops, that should read
    “… you know that on Sega or NINTENDO you have to make ..”

  • @CBM : Very interesting insight and “thank you” for the very kind words! #Playstation #20thAnniversary #GameOn