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GVGP DLC Pack #2: Neal Bauer

GVGP DLC Pack #2: Neal Bauer

This downloadable content adds on exclusive audio tracks and other bonus items, including the new character skin “Neal Bauer”, to the full retail release ”Generic Video Game Podcast”.

Downloading of this DLC is free for purchasers of the Generic Video Game Podcast Season Pass, available exclusively through morning radio.

//Product Details
Add-on Character: Neal Bauer
Related Website:
Official Twitter: @doubleplusgames

//Official GVGP homepage:
//Support email:
//Twitter: Anthony (@24bitAJE), shidoshi (@mollipen)

mollipen • June 5, 2015

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  • It was a great honor to be on the show this time around. Made me miss the days of the old ++ program. Might need to do one of those again for old times sake.

  • Anthony Ernst

    @nealbauer:disqus It was great to have you on and shed new light and insight as to what you’ve done and what you currently do. You’re always welcome on the show and maybe one and I will reunite as a tag team again! We’ll clean out the podcasting division once again 😉