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A Generic Video Game Podcast About Controversy

A Generic Video Game Podcast About Controversy

A perhaps-ly named conversation about video games between Anthony Ernst and Mollie L Patterson.

//Episode 013
//Show Note: Unlucky episode 13 indeed ended up being unlucky, as we had numerous problems getting the episode put together. But, we did, and here it is.

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//Twitter: Anthony (@24bitAJE), Mollie (@mollipen), morning radio (@mornradio)

admin • January 2, 2016

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  • Thomas W

    Not sure I would equate Lightning with Cloud. Squall’s emo-ness seems to unfairly translate to Cloud, who spent the bulk of the game as a confident, brash upstart. I was never sure where the whole “emo” thing came from…his coma? Doesn’t seem fair to base his character completely on his subconscious. When he was awake, no one really has any example of him being anything close to whiny or some such.

  • MessyBerny

    Molli i think you should try FF13 , Lighting had a whole different behavior from the Lighting in FF13LR due to certain events.

    And talking about F.a.n.g i think he kinda looks a character from disney…and the whole reason i think he looks out the face it’s the proportions of the face and arms seem to cartonish for a SF game imo…