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Miranda’s Sweets Shop 001 :: Japan

Miranda’s Sweets Shops

A podcast where your host shidoshi just rambles about anything and everything.

//Episode 001
//Topic: Japan

//Radio site:
//Twitter: shidoshi (@pikoeri)

mollipen • December 10, 2011

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  • Mike T

    That was a pretty enlightening show.
    It was quite interesting to hear some personal anecdotes from you, Shidoshi.

    Looking forward to more if you decide to continue with it!

  • What is this…???

    It looks Awesomeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  • Tom

    Definitely didn’t suck ass! Though I’m still not sure why train rides (we have those in the US, too?) and hot tea (my office has a hot drink vending machine next to the Pepsi one) were so captivating.

  • You really don’t give yourself enough credit. It wasn’t the worst podcast ever – close, but not quite.

  • Pinkys.Brain

    It was a nice first episode. Maybe a bit too long for a one-man podcast, though. While I like loooooooong WAHP stages, I generally prefer shorter episodes (15-30) for podcasts with only one host. Shorter episodes often prevent podfading…

    And I really liked the American view of the early beginnings of anime/manga/Japan geekdom, as I am from the old continent:
    “Mai – the psychic girl” was the first manga I read – at the local library in the early ’90s. But since the library also had French and Belgish comics the grade of violence and nudity was not new or shocking at all. And here existed no anime tape trading. When anime became big in Europe they mostly already came on Laserdisc or DVD/VCD.

    As for staying with the family of your girlfriend: Yeah, that normally means that you are committed. I have heard a lot of stories about the misunderstandings that might result in…

    *…waiting for more episodes…*

  • Jon

    Long time listener first time blah blah and all that. I adore WAHP and wops (Ezio Auditore in competition with Vito Corleone and Tommy Devito at present) and am amazed at your ability to talk for 4 hours without getting especially boring (naturally I do something else while listening).

    Hilarious (if sad) reason for getting interested in to Japan and while this podcast lacks a little Nick Rox it does serve to tide me over while I wait for the bi-yearly WAHP cast.

    Was it good? Probably not. I don’t care, make more! Random aside: I’ve written a great deal about dark souls on my linked site if you’re interested in that sort of thing, didn’t notice the comment tag until today or would have commented on past 7 or 8 podcasts (might anyway in internet weirdness style).

    Sometimes I don’t use that many parentheticals!

  • Finally had the time to listen to the entry in its entirety (at work doing mindless chores) (no offense) and found it honest, enlightening, and eerily familiar. Also, therapeutic.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about public opinion (such as this one, for example). It’s a personal show talking about personal things. Do what you got to do.

  • Goldom

    Just finished this first show. Definitely loved it, and I wasn’t expecting to like a one-host show. It’s like listening to a good old episode of This American Life, back before it turned into The Depressing Economy Show.

    I’m sure you’ll hear from people who hate learning about their e-stars as real people, but screw that, it’s fascinating.

  • This inrtocudes a pleasingly rational point of view.