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Miranda’s Sweets Shop 002 :: The Holidays

Miranda’s Sweets Shop

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//Episode 002
//Topic: The Holidays

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//One Call, Love Call – Megurine Luka (Producer: HanP)

mollipen • December 24, 2011

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  • Jon

    can understand saying something like Happiness = Money, however if you phrase it like that you sound kind of stupid. A better way to put it is “Money can stave off unhappiness.” If money is what makes you happy you will ultimately become an apparition of greed and stupidity in most peoples’ mind. For instance: I like games a lot and I buy quite a few of them, however it really does not cost a lot of money (from a despondent perspective). In fact, I can remember Final Fantasy IX’s price never coming down from 40 bucks in about 2 years, all the while me wanting to buy it. Now 60 dollar games drop within a month sometimes, a few months if not. I won’t buy Arkham City at 60 (Inflation makes this around 45 in FFIX dollars) due to bad PR but I’ll only have to wait until march before it’s 30 or so. Video Games (PC games especially) have never been cheaper relatively speaking, and I’m certainly not dumb enough to buy launch consoles with their terrible array of games.

  • Jon

    I* at the beginning of the previous comment if you can edit these (also meant to paragraph properly)

  • Yeah. The saying “money can buy happiness” is certainly wrong, but it’s hard to say that to somebody who is poor and who can’t afford food, clothing, etc.

    Money can buy opportunity, and in that opportunity you can make yourself happy. Let’s say my true love in life was doing podcasting—money could buy me the chance to not have to work a full-time job, and instead devote my time to my podcasting. In that case, money certainly has an impact on the resulting happiness.

    Or money can mean that you could, say, open your own no-kill animal shelter in your community, and through that help a lot of animals in need. That certainly is a case of money buying happiness to some degree. Or donating money to something like Child’s Play, where sick children in a hospital will have games to play to help take their mind off of their situation and illnesses. That’s also a case of money buying happiness.

    I totally agree with the sentiment that simply having money doesn’t make you happy, and that material goods bought with money won’t make you happy. But I’ve also always disagreed with the statement being as simply-stated as it is. *heh*

  • Jon

    There’s also the question of your situation in the world. There’s places where money is completely and utterly meaningless (typically rural), other places where money is sought after but ultimately not the solution to the problem (3rd world urban areas), and plenty of situations like ours.

    I think the question becomes at what point is there a need for money past several million dollars per individual. What use could someone possibly have for sitting on ludicrous amounts of virtual wealth. Sure maybe 5-10% of the rich are actually somewhat meritorious, but in being absurdly over-rewarded for that aren’t they actually negating any potential merit they might have possibly had?

    Money remains an important means of survival in Capitalist countries but it really doesn’t need to be. Charity shouldn’t be an optional “altruistic” sort of method, as it doesn’t even come close to solving the systemic problem. While ultimately this situation will be resolved via agonizingly slow decay unfortunately all that will likely happen in our life times is observation.

    Hurray for China, hell with Japan (Sengoku period aside, Toyotomi Bro-fist), woe to Activision Blizzard, and charitable donations to From Software.

  • Jon

    Another double spam post of doom. I actually sort of prefer this kind of dialogue to emails, don’t really know why. I’m accustomed to forum trolling even though I only do it for a few months every couple of years lately.

  • Great show. At first I wasn’t sure that you could hold a single podcaster podcast, but so far you have proved me wrong.

    Hopefully future episodes will center more on Japanese gaming culture and/or history. I’m a huge history buff and love listening to people ramble about that sort of thing!

  • fe lix

    thanks for the podcast, i highly enjoyed listening to you talking while driving a long distance trip.
    The episode got me thinking about holidays and christmas in special.
    i recieved some weird stuff this christmas and your point of view made me enjoy those too!

    i also liked this episode more than the last.

    when you said you’ll talk about depression later in the podcast i thought you’d do it a bit more detailed..

    aaaaaaaanyway.. please keep your onemanshow up!

  • Actually fe lix, I meant I’ll be talking about it in a later podcast, not later on this podcast. Sorry for the mix-up!

  • Jon

    Dark Souls Review is up:

    I would like email feedback if you have the time to read this monstrosity o.O Dosh is a lazy bastard that can’t talk to himself for an hour once a week!

  • Neil

    I just wanted to say that I enjoyed listening to both of the Miranda’s Sweets Shop podcasts. Keep it up, it’s always nice to listen to a slice of someones thoughts.