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Miranda’s Sweets Shop 003 :: Depression

Miranda’s Sweets Shop

A podcast where your host shidoshi just rambles about anything and everything.

//Episode 003
//Topic: Depression

//Radio site:
//Twitter: shidoshi (@pikoeri)

//Ask / comment anonymously via Tumblr!

//Opening / Ending Theme
//One Call, Love Call – Megurine Luka (Producer: HanP)

mollipen • January 15, 2012

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  • Firstly, your description of the slimes in Dragon Quest vs. Phantasy Star = Hilarious!

    I empathize with your recent main topic, shidoshi. Normally I don’t comment on podcasts (even on WAHP, le gasp!), but I had to for this one. Depression is something people don’t talk about too often in detail, so it was refreshing to hear something honest like this. It was pretty brave and awesome of you to discuss it.

    Most of what you mentioned is a very familiar feeling I’ve had for so many years. Heh, but the comparison between depression and pedophilia? My younger sister was raising an eyebrow when she walked in on that part… (“Never take things out of context!”, I said). Still, I understood your point. There is a social stigma attached to depressed people, and it’s partly because of that that I often pretend that I’m okay for the sake of my friends and family. It’s probably unhealthy, but part of my own happiness stems from seeing my loved ones happy to see that I’m happy. (… Geez. Did that make sense?)

    It may be cheesy to say from some random nobody online, but I sincerely hope your depression (and illness!) lifts soon if not sooner. [And, on an awkward and somewhat tangential note, red hair IS awesome. If you do become a zombie from your sickness, you’d at least be one of the most festive-looking one out of us in the apocalypse.]

    Anyway, I rambled far too long. Thank you for this podcast, and keep up Miranda’s Sweets Shop! It was a good hour or so spent.

  • First of all, thank you for reading my email and highlighting my blog. I appreciate it.

    Secondly, I think that this show is your best one yet. You do a really good job of keeping things entertaining even when you get personal with your stories and topics. Each time that I finish listening to one of your Miranda podcasts I feel like I come away with some useful knowledge or that I have gained some sort of insight into just becoming a better person.

    Needless to say, keep it up!

    I do have one topic request/question though: What is your opinion on the Kingdom Hearts series? jw.

  • Jon

    Personally the only point that depressed me was in Junior High when I started to reach the point of intellectual maturity 5, 10, even 20 years before most people do. Naturally this is a very odd thing to occur and it took a few years for me to adjust, finally settling on a relaxed air of contentment which has stuck with me to this day.

    The only challenge I have is keeping my enormous amount of self esteem limited to a minor amount of arrogance (say, the standard amount for an American male) and striving to not become a megalomaniac. It is an ongoing struggle with which I’m sure Nick Rox can relate.

    This is a decent enough podcast but in no way superior to WAHP, let not the disinformation of others engulf you.

  • Need a new podcast from here really bad. anything!


  • Jon

    I second the well thought out statement above. Also, I’m assuming Nick works at Platinum based on random assorted podcast annotations; if so: Vanquish 2? Or something really similar to it?

    I really enjoyed doing the tactical challenges, exceptionally difficult but still relatively fair unlike a lot of western shooters that pretend to be difficult.