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The Nichiest Podcast Ever :: Take 004

The Nichiest Podcast Ever

A look at the nichier side of gaming by Bryan, Anne, and shidoshi.

//Take 004
//Topics: We take about Wii U temptation, all of us purchasing a 3DS XL, setting trends with Style Savvy, the upcoming Deadly Premonition director’s cut, shidoshi’s recent trip to Outer Heaven, the PSP is not dead yet, Chulip possibly coming as a digital download, Cheerleading (Dokuro, Magical Whip, Persona 4 Golden), and The Nichiest of Them All.

//Radio site:
//Twitter: Bryan (@thegaygamer), Anne (@apricotsushi), shidoshi (@pikoeri)

DokuroMagical WhipPersona 4 Golden

mollipen • November 23, 2012

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  • This was the most enjoyable one so far, and i really enjoy all of these. I hope you guys keep doing this!