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The Nichiest Podcast Ever :: Take 010

The Nichiest Podcast Ever

A look at the nichier side of gaming by Bryan, Anne, and shidoshi.

//Take 010
//Topics: We talk about what E3 2014 meant for niche gaming, Final Fantasy Explorers, Anne launches #JRPGJuly, Gackt is playing games in chocolate ads, the Oz-tastic otome mafia, we’re all back to Cheerleading (Magical Beat, Tomodachi Life, Battle Princess of Arcadias), and square off once again in The Nichiest of Them All.

//Radio site:
//Twitter: Bryan (@thegaygamer), Anne (@apricotsushi), shidoshi (@pikoeri)

Battle Princess of ArcadiasMagical BeatTomodachi Life

mollipen • July 4, 2014

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  • Rowan Carmichael

    Hey, enjoyed the podcast as always, just wanted to comment on operation rainfall. All three games did actually come out in the US, although later than they did in Europe. It did take a while still… (The games were Xenoblade, last story and pandora’s tower)

  • Thanks, Rowan! I can’t believe we didn’t remember that all of them were released here, but thank you for pointing it out all the same. I still need to get Pandora’s Tower, by the way. Anne seemed to really like it, or at least kind of like it, and that’s enough to sway me to pick it up 🙂

  • Rowan Carmichael

    I only played a little of it before I had to move away from my copy.

    It is easily the worst of the rainfall games, but it’s a really nice take on a zelda game, and some really nice themes. I hope you manage to find a copy before it’s too expensive.