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A Generic Video Game Podcast About Events

A Generic Video Game Podcast About Events

A potentially-named conversation about video games between Anthony Ernst and shidoshi.

//Episode 001
//Show Note: In addition to talking about the big gaming events, we chat about traveling, Persona 5, and game magazines.

//Radio site:
//Twitter: Anthony (@24bitAJE), shidoshi (@pikoeri)

E3GameFanPAXPersona 5

mollipen • July 10, 2014

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  • Shidoshi,

    Question about what you were talking about near the beginning of the podcast about problems with translators. Since you know Japanese pretty well, do YOU need a translator because you don’t know quite enough, or does THE COMPANY insist on a translator because they don’t want you to translate “incorrectly”? Besides the translator misconstruing the questions, do you ever get a “PR Person” translator changing the answers to change the meaning to something more “favorable”? If you knew the interviewee original said something different, would you use the original or is only the English translation officially on the record?