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A Generic Video Game Podcast About Remakes

A Generic Video Game Podcast About Remakes

A perhaps-ly named conversation about video games between Anthony Ernst and shidoshi.

//Episode 006
//Show Note: Uhhh… we talked about a bunch of stuff that one of the hosts (shidoshi) may have forgotten to write down. So, it’s about remakes, and a whole lot more!

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//Twitter: Anthony (@24bitAJE), shidoshi (@pikoeri)

mollipen • January 29, 2015

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  • VMS

    Allow me to geek out with you for a minute: Sega 3D Classics JP retail package has 2 bonus games: the SMS SegaScope 3D versions of Space Harrier 3D & OutRun 3D. Some others that need to happen: Revenge of Shinobi, Shinobi arcade, Alex Kidd in Miracle World & Enchanted Castle, and as Shidoshi said, Phantasy Star 1 and various TechnoSoft games. By the way, the rights for TechnoSoft’s games, including HERZOG ZWEI, are actually available here: … they’ve been available for a few years now, with no action. M2 would be the perfect match for a TechnoSoft 3D Classics!

  • Yeah, I really hate that the 3DS is region locked, because I’d love to have the retail Sega 3D Classics release. Even if, truth be told, going back to the SegaScope versions of those games might be hard, I still have a soft spot for those games (the SegaScope bundle was how I got into the Master System).

    And, at this point, I’d even take just getting a minimally-updated version of Herzog Zwei on the 3DS. Or, even better, the DS. Nobody but me would be excited to see it show up there, but that’s something I’ve wanted for years and years. *heh*

  • VMS

    I can imagine a simple update with full-screen online multiplayer (splitscreen optional) and the menu down below at all times (no need to pause the game). Wow, that seems great. My friends & I used to sit close to the TV with a cardboard divider taped to the screen, out of fairness.