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A Generic Video Game Podcast About Listen Mail

A Generic Video Game Podcast About Listener Mail

A perhaps-ly named conversation about video games between Anthony Ernst and shidoshi.

//Episode 007
//Show Note: We talk about trying new things in gaming media, the New 3DS, the Xbox Grenade (?), Nintendo’s eShop, the over-popularity of genres, the death of Sega, the trouble with Sonic, the excitement over Persona 5, playing games for work vs playing for fun, reader mail, and more!

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//Twitter: Anthony (@24bitAJE), shidoshi (@pikoeri)

mollipen • February 28, 2015

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  • Thomas W

    You all could be talking on WW2 field phones and I would still be a dedicated listener. 😉

  • Thomas W

    Going to agree with Anthony on the matter of Evo, and elaborate a bit as to why: pure fighting games rely on skill involving a complex, sophisticated set of styles. Becoming proficient involves becoming familiar and skilled in a particular character’s relationship to that style, and how it can be used against particular opponents with very different strengths and weaknesses.

    Smash Bros., on the other hand, involves a more-or-less boilerplate set of moves that vary (for the most part) aesthetically, and with little other variation. There has been some headway lately in changing this up (such as with Rosalina’s duet attacks with Luma) but really, it all comes down to smashes, stage elements, and, let’s face it, the luck of having the computer decide when you’re ultimately going to smash someone far enough out of the arena.

    That, and with the number of variables that exist, Smash was never really meant for tournament play. Any game where you have to adjust your settings in order to make it “work” for a tourney does not seem as though it was meant for such a thing.

    …and besides, Sakurai himself is not a fan of the competitive scene.

  • Anthony Ernst

    @ Thomas W: Thank You for the very kind words & insight — it is much appreciated!!! Moreover, hopefully Shidoshi & I are never restricted to WW2-level phones… 😀 Have an awesome day! The fans like you, and others are why we do this!! (and the love of gaming!)

  • Be careful what you wish for!

  • taekk

    Why can’t you do a Wii U transfer to your home console? Are there other accounts on there that’s not yours? Man, I can’t believe how stupid this whole thing is. Doesn’t “deleting” your eShop balance constitute theft?

  • Yeah, the problem is that it’s our office Wii U, so it also has games and accounts for other editors in the office.

  • taekk

    Oh maaaan. I can’t believe how stupid that shit is still.